Oyster Reefs to Open to Public on Certain Saturdays

The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’ Marine Resources Division announces that the regulation entitled “Oyster Season and Sack Limit Regulation” was amended by Conservation Commissioner Barnett Lawley on March 4. This regulation will allow the taking of oysters on public reefs for six Saturdays when the public oyster reefs are opened by the Alabama Department of Public Health.

On the six Saturdays when the public reefs are open, the taking of oysters will be allowed from    6 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Saturdays may or may not be consecutive depending on when the Department of Public Health opens the reefs. The first Saturday the reefs will be open is March 13.

No other changes were made in regards to sack limits or times of harvest. For detailed information on oyster harvest regulations, visit http://outdooralabama.com/fishing/saltwater/license.cfm#Shellfish%20-%20Oysters.