Conservation Advisory Board To Hold Special Called Meeting

The Conservation Advisory Board will hold a special called meeting July 28, 2004 in Montgomery to reconsider its recommendation regarding the use of turkey decoys for hunting.  The Advisory Board recommended that decoys be allowed for turkey hunting, and reconsideration is being given to erase concerns with the original vote.  The meeting will take place at 1 pm in Room 319 of the Folsom Building to address the decoy issue only.  

The official function of the Conservation Advisory Board is to examine all rules and regulations and to make recommendations for their change or amendment.  Board members serve in an advisory capacity only and do not have authority to execute changes.  Board recommendations are submitted to the Commissioner of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, who is authorized to accept or reject the recommendations.

“The Advisory Board is taking this step because we will always err on the side of caution.  Board members will reconsider the recommendation, but the final decision rests with me,” said Conservation Commissioner M. Barnett Lawley.

Chairman Dan Moultrie added, “We go to great extremes to maintain the integrity of this Advisory Board.  To eliminate any question of conflict of interest, I am excusing myself from any discussion, any possible votes, or any future recommendations pertaining to the legalization of turkey decoys.”

Any recommendations made by the Advisory Board in this special meeting that include changes in existing regulations are subject to review by the Legislative Oversight Committee.  Some aspects of the 2004-2005 hunting season are not binding until the review is completed and the regulations are signed by Commissioner Lawley.

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