Alabama Waterfowl Seasons Set for 2004-2005

Seasons and bag limits for the 2004-2005 waterfowl season are announced by the Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, following receipt of the Federal guidelines which govern the way states can set their seasons.

The Special Canada Goose Season begins September 1 and runs through September 15, with limits of 5 per day and 10 in possession. The Special Teal Season is September 18-26, with limits of 4 per day and 8 in possession.

The season for ducks (except canvasback and pintail), coot, and merganser, is November 26-27 and December 4 – January 30. The canvasback and pintail season is limited to January 1-30.

Special Youth Waterfowl Hunting Days are set for February 12 and 13.

Goose season for the Southern James Bay Population (SJBP) Zone is December 12 - January 30 for Canada geese, and October 2 - 13 and December 4 - January 30 for other geese. The remainder of the state will have October 2 - 13 and December 4 - January 30 for all geese.

Bag limits for duck are 6 ducks per day, including no more than 4 mallards (no more than two of which may be female), 2 wood ducks, 3 mottled ducks, 1 black duck, 2 redhead, 1 pintail (when their season is open), 1 canvasback (when their season is open), and 3 scaup. The possession limit is twice the daily bag limit.

Merganser limit is 5 per day, only one of which may be a hooded merganser. Possession limit is twice the daily bag limit. Coot limits are 15 per day, 30 in possession.

The goose bag limit of 5 shall not include more than 2 Canada geese or 2 white-fronted geese. The possession limit of 5 shall include no more than 4 Canada geese and white-fronted geese in aggregate. No Canada geese may be harvested in the SJBP Zone prior to December 12.

The use of non-toxic shot -- either steel shot T size or smaller, or other shot and sizes approved by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service -- is required in Alabama for waterfowl hunting.

State and Federal Duck Stamps are required when hunting migratory waterfowl. All licensed hunters are also required to have a Harvest Information Program permit.