New Live Saltwater Bait Regulations Effective Sept. 25,2004

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Marine Resources Division announces that as of September 25, 2004, it shall be lawful in waters under the jurisdiction of the Marine Resources Division to use a vessel to sell live saltwater bait, excluding shrimp. Such vessel must be licensed as a place of business under the Live Saltwater Bait Dealers License (ยง9-12-54.1) Regulation 220-3-.01 Shrimping, effective September 25, 2004, provides that a vessel may routinely sell live or dead saltwater bait, excluding shrimp, to the public as a place of business if the vessel has a live saltwater bait dealers license. To do this the individual must have an established and inspected shore facility, meet the requirements for a boat facility, provide a physical address where vessel will be docked or stored, and makes vessel immediately available for inspection. A vessel that is a place of business under the live saltwater bait dealers law can not take, possess, or sell live or dead shrimp. No live bait catcher boat or transport truck that is licensed under a vessel that is a place of business may transport or possess live or dead shrimp. Contact: Maj. John Thomas Jenkins - (251) 861-2882