Outdoor Alabama Expo Postponed

Due to Hurricane Ivan, The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has postponed the 2004 Outdoor Alabama Expo scheduled for Saturday, September 25 at Oak Mountain State Park. Although the park suffered no damage, other parts of the state, especially the coastal area, were devastated. Gulf State Park at Gulf Shores was especially hard hit. Cleanup of those areas will require assistance from several agencies and departments including Conservation.

“Department personnel have risen to the challenge and are assisting with relief efforts on the Gulf Coast and hardest hit inland areas,” said Commissioner M. Barnett Lawley. “We regret having to call off this major event, but in light of the tasks that are before us, it seems fitting to postpone the Expo. After all, how can we have a celebration at a time when so many are suffering and others are working to the point of exhaustion?”

Many Department personnel who were to work at Expo are now in south Alabama helping with cleanup and repair.

The Expo will be rescheduled for sometime in Spring 2005.