Don't Let This One Get Away, Take a Kid Fishing

Revision 2014

Freshwater Fishing Tag

The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (ADCNR) announces that the new “Freshwater Fishing” distinctive license plate is available through county probate offices. This license plate depicts a largemouth bass, the state’s official freshwater fish, and has up to six spaces for optional personalization. It will replace the “Take a Kid Fishing” license plate, which has been in production since 2006.  

The cost for the new license plate will be $50 annually. Proceeds from the sale of the license plate will support habitat enhancement, aquatic wildlife species protection and restoration, aquatic education, bass genetic research, sport fish disease research and sport fish stockings.

Please join the effort to fund aquatic wildlife management and protection by acquiring a “Freshwater Fishing” distinctive license plate for your vehicle. If you have any questions regarding the license plate, please contact the Fisheries Section office at (334) 242-3471.

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2005 press release continued:

If you love fishing in Alabama and would like to support efforts to improve the pastime for future generations, then you should purchase the new Take a Kid Fishing license plate.

Tags became available during the summer of 2006 at your local probate office for $50 above your regular renewal price. Personalization is available at no additional cost or can be transferred from existing personalized tags.

Proceeds from the sale of the tags go directly toward improving fish habitat, teaching kids how to fish and restoring Alabama’s aquatic threatened and endangered species. The programs that will benefit from your support are:

Funds received from tag sales will be used for the purchase of supplies and equipment necessary to support these programs.