Forever Wild License Plate Now Available

Alabama auto owners have a new specialty tag option when they renew their license plates. The Forever Wild license plate became available in county probate offices on September 1. The tag is $50 above the renewal cost with personalization available at no additional charge. Best of all, the specialty tag fee goes toward the purchase of public recreation lands.

Forever Wild is the landmark state program that purchases public recreation lands throughout the state. It is administered by the State Lands Division of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Aside from specialty tag purchases, major funding for the program is derived from a portion of the interest earned by the Alabama Trust Fund, which consists of offshore natural gas royalty revenues. Since its inception in 1992, the Forever Wild program has acquired more than 85,000 acres that are available to the public as recreational areas, nature preserves, state parks and wildlife management areas.

The Forever Wild Specialty tag concept was considered by the 15-member Forever Wild Board for a number of years. This effort was spearheaded by the nonprofit organization, Friends of Forever Wild, which formed specifically to facilitate approval and availability of the tag. Friends of Forever Wild President Joe Copeland noted, “We thought a specialty tag would be a way for the citizens of Alabama to contribute directly to helping keep a portion of Alabama land forever wild.”

For more information about the Forever Wild specialty tag, contact Joe Copeland at 256-287-1652; or e-mail the Friends of Forever Wild organization at