Alabama’s Wildlife Management Areas Are Bowhunter’s Paradise

Every October, thousands of Alabama bowhunters enter the woods in search of their favorite game animal.  Some of these hunters spend hundreds of dollars to lease private land or to join hunting clubs while others have found paradise in Alabama’s Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs). Instead of spending big bucks on a few hundred or even a few thousand acres of hunting land, these hunters spend just $16 and have the opportunity to hunt more than 800,000 acres throughout the state.

Alabama offers bowhunters a total of 32 WMAs to choose from, varying from a few thousand to almost 100,000 acres with a variety of habitats. Bowhunting opportunities on the WMAs include deer, turkey, feral hog and small game. They are located within a reasonable driving distance from anywhere in the state. The areas are managed by the Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries (WFF).

To hunt Alabama WMAs, bowhunters need a state hunting license along with a $16 Wildlife Management Area license. Hunters are also required to have a map permit for each area they plan to hunt. These permits are available by writing or calling your local WFF district office. Map permits are free and provide the hunter a map of the area along with laws, regulations, and bag limits pertinent to each individual area. Seasons and hunt dates are available on the back of each area’s permit map, in the WMA season leaflet available where licenses are sold, through the WFF district offices, or on the Department’s website at Hunters utilizing a climbing treestand must use a safety belt or harness as required by regulation.

For more information on bowhunting Alabama’s Wildlife Management Areas, contact the Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries at 334-242-3469.

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