Conservation Officer Draper Receives Anti-Litter Award

Sergeant Todd Draper, Conservation Enforcement Officer with the Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries, recently received the Law Enforcement Award from People Against a Littered State (PALS). The award was presented by PALS Chairman Dr. Donald Hines at the 2005 Alabama PALS Governor’s Awards Program in Montgomery on November 16. PALS annually recognizes people and organizations who have significantly contributed to reducing litter in Alabama.

Draper, who works in Tuscaloosa County, has been instrumental in the arrest of several suspects in conjunction with illegal dumping. While performing the duties of a conservation enforcement officer, Draper made several cases of criminal littering in Tuscaloosa County earlier this year with the assistance of fellow Conservation Officer Lt. Clifton Robinson.


Sergeant Todd Draper, left, and Lt. Clifton Robinson.