Conservation Department Publishes New Fish Pond Management Book

The Alabama Department of Conservation’s Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries has updated its pond management book, “Sportfish Management in Alabama Ponds.”  Four-color processing and a slick cover highlight the new printing of the 20-page book. Though completely rewritten, the book builds on the result of extraordinary research by Dr. Homer Scott Swingle and his faculty at Auburn University during the 1950s. Alabama’s first pond book was written by Johnie Crance in the 1960s. New information has been added about habitat improvement, environmental regulations, feeding fish, determining balance, and more.

Led by Mike Newman of the Enterprise office, pond management biologists from the Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries wrote this 2003 revision and added color pictures. Color illustrations by Billy Pope of the Department’s Information and Education staff clarify the text.

With proper management, Alabama’s private ponds provide some of the finest fishing in the world for largemouth bass and bream (bluegill and shellcracker). Properly fertilized and managed ponds may produce 30 pounds of harvestable bass and 145 pounds of bream per acre each year. Ponds are also a great place for families and groups to fish.

The new book is available online at Pond owners may also get a copy of the booklet during prior-to-stocking checks by the state’s pond management biologists. For information about this service call 334-242-3471.