Forever Wild Adds 20 Acres to Coldwater Mountain Tract in Calhoun County

Twenty additional acres of mountain longleaf pine habitat are now part of Forever Wild’s Coldwater Mountain Tract in Calhoun County. The Rowan Tract will eventually contain an extensive mountain bike trail system.

The 20-acre parcel is an addition to the original 4,000-acre Coldwater Mountain Tract purchased by Forever Wild in 1998. That property was dedicated as the Doug Ghee Nature Preserve and Recreation Area, named after the former state senator who is a strong supporter of the Forever Wild Program. The Coldwater Mountain Tract secures a large portion of the local watershed for Coldwater Spring, a unique ecological environment and source of drinking water for local municipalities. The additional 20 acres secures a ridge route for future trail development.

The State Lands Division of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources is managing the forested property. Assistant Division Director Greg Lein says that although this acreage is small, its potential for recreational use makes it a key part of the Coldwater Mountain Tract. “The purpose of Forever Wild is to make sure that lands are put aside for public use, and the Rowan Tract will specifically be used for mountain biking and hiking opportunities,” he said.