Hunter Responsibility Regulation Withdrawn

The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources withdrew a new regulation designed to protect landowner rights by holding dog deer hunters responsible for the actions of their dogs. Concerned that opponents of the regulation misinterpreted its intent, Commissioner Barnett Lawley has withdrawn the regulation at this time. “It is unfortunate that opponents of the regulation are attempting to create confusion and division,” said Lawley. “Our intent is clear -- to protect the rights of landowners and to protect the rights of hunters who use dogs legally and ethically.”

The Conservation Advisory Board adopted the regulation to address persistent problems expressed by landowners who object to deer dogs trespassing on their property. Conservation Advisory Board members contend the regulation is a preferred alternative when compared with measures that are more restrictive.

Dan Moultrie, Advisory Board Chairman, adds, “The regulation would enable us to identify hotbed problem areas and deal with them appropriately, rather than close entire counties to dog deer hunting. The regulation would also create a win-win because it protects the landowner, protects the responsible dog hunter, and it does not infringe on any other legal methods of hunting with dogs. However, considering the confusion surrounding the issue, we support Commissioner Lawley’s decision to withdraw the regulation at this time.”