Gift Cards Make Visits to Alabama State Parks a Breeze

Wouldn’t it be great if all the wonderful services offered at Alabama’s state parks could be paid for with a convenient swipe of a card? With an Alabama State Park Gift Card, visitors can pay for the many recreational activities, lodging, and other services at most state parks. Guests simply purchase their gift card for the amount they wish and use it to pay for services such as food, golf, camping, lodging, etc. until the amount on the card is depleted.

Gift cards make great gifts and can alleviate the need to provide children with cash for play. Simply purchase cards for the needed amount and let the kids pay for activities as they do them. No money to lose, no wallet to keep up with, just a convenient card to enjoy the many resources offered at an Alabama state park. Whether it’s kayaking, fishing, biking, boating, beaches, mountains, food, accommodations, business and family functions, or the many other adventures and activities – an Alabama State Park Gift Card is definitely the convenient way to go.

Alabama State Park Gift Cards can be purchased onsite at credit/debit/gift card machines located in 20 of Alabama’s 22 state parks. There is no fee and no limit on the number of cards purchased. The cards can be used wherever credit/debit cards are taken within the park. To find out how to buy your Alabama State Park Gift Card, contact the Alabama State Parks at 1-800-ALA-PARK or visit