Lifetime License for Seniors Benefits Alabama’s Wildlife

Alabama hunters and anglers can continue their support for Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries into their retirement years by purchasing a 64 Lifetime License. The 64 lifetime license is available to Alabama residents 64 years old for the price of an annual resident hunting or fishing license. It costs the same but the benefits are long lasting.

The legislation which established this license for senior citizens allows the State of Alabama to continue to count these seniors as licensees for critical federal funding purposes. Because some of the federal funding is determined by the number of individuals licensed in the state, these lifetime license holders will be included as active licensed hunters and anglers.

Even though residents 65 years of age and older are exempt from buying annual hunting licenses, WMA licenses, or state duck stamps, they can help the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources by this one-time purchase of a 64 lifetime license.

For more information contact the License Unit at (334) 353-8926.