Surplus Culvert Pipe Donated To Paul M. Grist State Park

Sections of surplus culvert pipe were delivered to Paul M. Grist State Park this week, courtesy of the Williams Gas Pipeline Co., Inc. This generous donation will be used for an important park improvement project.

The heavy gauge pipe comes from a gas pipeline expansion project near the park. Williams Gas Pipeline Co., Inc. delivered 150 feet of the four-foot diameter pipe to a staging area of the park where it will be used in construction of small drainage crossings. Plans include construction of a loop road that will circle the lake located in the center of Paul M. Grist State Park, allowing attractive drive-through views of the old growth forests without compromising the integrity of the land and the quality of the water. Much of this area of the park is presently inaccessible to most visitors due to insufficient roads and trails.

“We certainly appreciate the generosity of Williams Gas Pipeline Co., and their support for our State Parks,” said Barnett Lawley, Commissioner of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. “This donation will help enhance the accessibility and attractiveness of one of our oldest state parks.”