Oak Mountain High School Youth Leader Meets Government Counterpart

Alabama Youth YMCA Legislator John Wood recently received first-hand knowledge about his cabinet position from state government counterpart M. Barnett Lawley, Commissioner of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

Wood and other youths from around the state participated in the 55th Alabama YMCA Youth Legislature, April 3-6 in Montgomery. The purpose of the Alabama YMCA Youth Legislature is to prepare a select group of young people for moral and political leadership by providing guidance, training, and experience in the theory and practice of determining public policy. Each year, the Youth Governor selects a youth cabinet, and traditionally, the Governor’s Cabinet has met with their youth counterpart giving them the opportunity to learn more about their state government.

“This is such a great program and John is a credit to the YMCA,” said Lawley.  “John is very bright and showed an interest in state government. I really enjoyed his visit and feel honored he was chosen for the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.”

Wood, who lives in Birmingham, is a senior at Oak Mountain High School. He plans to attend Auburn University.