Hunters Reminded to Check Safety Straps

Hunting remains one of the safest outdoor activities. However, falls from treestands are a leading cause of injuries for Alabama hunters.  To date, the 2010-11 Alabama deer hunting season has seen 14 treestand-related accidents, four of which were fatal. This is the highest number of treestand-related fatalities Alabama has experienced in a single year. In six of those accidents the nylon strap securing the treestand to the tree broke and caused the hunter to fall to the ground.  The nylon straps broke due to dry rot as a result of being left in the woods for periods as long as several years.

According to N. Gunter Guy Jr., Commissioner of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (ADCNR), proper treestand safety precautions including inspecting all treestand equipment could have saved more lives this year. “We value the lives of all Alabamians and encourage hunters to ensure they make it home safely by testing their safety equipment before and after each hunt.”

These few simple hunting safety tips are life savers:

John Woller Sr., founder of Summit Treestands and treestand safety advocate, agrees that hunter safety is paramount for a safe and successful hunting season. “It is very important that hunters read and follow the manufacturer's instructions before they hunt from a treestand,” Woller said. “And most importantly always wear a full body harness and have it connected to the tree upon leaving the ground. It will save your life.”

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