State Businessman Wins Governor’s One-Shot Turkey Hunt

Clay County businessman Billy Macoy won the second annual Alabama Governor’s One-Shot Turkey Hunt, held March 17-19 in Tuscaloosa.  Governor Bob Riley hosted the celebrity event, which assembled top corporate leaders, industry prospects, sports celebrities, and national outdoor media celebrities.  Sponsored by the Alabama Conservation and Natural Resources Foundation, the hunt is an exciting event filled with food, fellowship, and friendly competition against the background of Alabama’s great outdoors.

Macoy was one of 70 hunters from 15 states to participate in this year’s event.  Among the business leaders and celebrities were Wal-Mart President Tom Coughlin, Bass Pro Shops President Johnny Morris, and NASCAR drivers Tony Stewart and Jeff Green. 

Governor Riley touts it as an innovative mixture of business and recreation.  “The Alabama Governor’s One-Shot Turkey Hunt accomplishes three things important to our state.  First, it enhances our state’s image by putting Alabama in the global spotlight.  Second, it helps strengthen relationships with existing Alabama industry leaders, and helps develop relationships with new industry prospects.  Finally, it showcases Alabama as a preferred destination for hunting, fishing and other nature-based tourism – which is already a nearly $4 billion industry in this state.” 

The Alabama Governor’s One-Shot Turkey Hunt also contributes to the future of wildlife management.  Included in the three-day festivities is a scholarship to benefit students majoring in wildlife management at Auburn University.  Barnett Lawley, Foundation Chairman, announced the results of this year’s auction.  “Through the generosity of sponsors and auction participants, over $61,000 was raised to benefit the Lynn Boykin Wildlife Scholarship.  This is an investment in education and an investment in the future of wildlife management.  It is encouraging to know that many of America’s top corporate and government leaders are hunters.”  

Hunting is big business in Alabama.  In fact, Alabama ranks 9th in the nation in retail sales associated with hunting products.  Hunters also contribute significantly to state and local economies.  Estimates are that the Governor’s One-Shot Turkey Hunt generated nearly $1 million to the local economy of Tuscaloosa and surrounding counties.