July 4, 2016 - 3:30am

4th of July Schedule of Events

  • 3:30pm- Children’s Popsicle Eating Contest for ages 0-12 on the Lodge Patio 
  • 7:00pm- Children’s Bike & Golf Cart Parade Will Start and End at the Campground Country Store
  • 7:30pm- Announcement of the Campsite Decoration Contest Winners at the Campground Country Store


Patriotic Campsite Decoration Contest

Reserve a campsite in advance so you can show your patriotic colors for this 4th of July campsite decoration contest, judged both in daylight and dark. Judging considerations will be patriotic appropriateness, originality and attractiveness. Electric lights are permitted but not required for entry. Campers need to complete decorations by 5 P.M. on July 3rd and remove them before vacating the campsite. In addition there will be a variety of programs offered over the holiday weekend.
Joe Wheeler State Park Campground

**Campsite Decorations MUST be complete by 5PM on JULY 3rd to be judged.**