October 20, 2018 - 4:00pm

Events In & Around DeSoto State Park

Serious Skills Series: Dutch Oven Campfire Cooking 
Hosted by DeSoto State Park.  The Serious Skills series is a variety of classes and workshops that provide opportunities to discover a hidden talent or learn a new skill for personal enrichment. Classes are open to local residents, overnight guests and park visitors. 
Dutch ovens have been in use for hundreds of years; especially when our country was expanding and families were on the move. Unable to bring their large cook stoves with them, women learned how to cook entire meals from stews & soups to bread & desserts, in their Dutch ovens. Learn the basics about Dutch ovens, how to clean & care for your cookware, AND cook (& eat!) dinner & dessert at the same time!
Starts around 4:00 p.m, located at the DeSoto State Park Campfire Ring in the Improved Campground. This is a demonstration, so the best part is when food is just coming off the fire!
Seating is limited, so bring your own comfortable camp chair if you wish. Drop in whenever you like & check out the food!
Date: October 20, 2018
Time: 4:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.
Where: DeSoto State Park-Fort Payne, Alabama- Campfire Ring in the Improved Campground (gate will open to the public)
Fee: Free & open to everyone; Great for all ages! Call 256.997.5025 for email for details.