Explore Gulf State Park on a Geocaching Adventure!

New to Geocaching? Join us every week for Geocaching 101- check out our activities schedule for days and times.

Alabama State Parks recognizes Geocaching as an outdoor adventure opportunity in our parks for individuals and families. Whether you are totally new to geocaching or have years of experience, Gulf State Park features geocaches for you. Finding geocaches in the park allows you to have a blast while you learn more about the natural resources and history of the park. There are descriptions included with many of our geocache listings. Caches of Gulf State Park can help plan your journey as you explore the awesome geocaches in our park. You can learn more about the basics of geocaching by checking out Geocaching 101, and you can also use the search feature of geocaching.com to read about specific geocaches in the park. Our Geocaching Photo Album on Facebook also provides information about geocaching adventures at Gulf State Park.

To ensure the safety of our guests and to maintain proper management of our natural resources, a geocaching policy was established which requires that all geocaches hidden in Alabama State Parks be permitted. Before hiding any geocaches please review and submit a signed permit to the Park Manager at each State Park. After the Park Manager or designee receives and reviews the permit you will be contacted for disposition.