ACE Project Report
Alabama State Parks—Guntersville 2019
Title of Project: Alabama State Parks - Lake Guntersville State Park
Project Partners: Mike Ezell
Location: Guntersville - Alabama
Dates: 3/11/19-3/16/19
Days Worked: 6
Total Hours Contributed: 376
ACE Crew Supervisor: Nicole Macnamee
ACE Project Manager: Sean Reckert

Results and Measureable Accomplishments
Work Sites: Waterfall Trail & Cutchenmine Trail 

Waterfall Trail
Linear feet of Tread Improved: 100ft
Trail Drainage Features Installed: 4 (3 grade dips, 1 knick)
Trail Drainage Features Maintenance (Check Steps/Dams)

1 Cutchenmine Trail
Trails Brushed: ~.25 mi
Guardrails Installed: 1
Deck Boards Removed: 12

Project Overview

After a tornado hit the park in 2011, the Waterfall Trail suffered from canopy loss that would have otherwise acted as a buffer for rainfall. With the loss of a buffer, a greater volume of rain struck the trail and with greater velocity, resulting in gullied sections and undermined trail features. To mitigate the damage, the crew installed check steps on portions of the trail and at the intersection of the Waterfall Trail and the Golf Course Loop that were also experiencing significant erosion. After the completion of the trail structures, the crew helped make a bridge on the Cutchenmine Trail safer to the public by removing old, worn out footboards and installing a new handrail. The crew also brushed in a possible connector trail from the Cutchenmine Trail leading to a nearby parking lot.

Project Objectives

As with all ACE partnerships, the main goal was to introduce youth and young adults to the field of land management. These types of projects allow ACE corps members the chance to work on challenging conservation projects that will help them in future careers. Corps members gain valuable leadership skills along with important hands-on technical skills. Many of ACE’s corps members seek a future career in land management with our public lands.
Mike Ezell had specific goals for the ACE Crew for this week of work. By reusing old campsite marker posts and rebar, the crew would create check-steps to reduce the erosion occurring on the Waterfall Trail. In addition, the crew would dig drainages, create grade dips, and install water bars to mitigate future erosion on the trail. Lake Guntersville State Park has a variety of work that could be done to rehabilitate trails and improve the public’s experience in the park. Once primary objectives were accomplished, Mike would guide the crew to other necessary work to finished up to conclude the week.

Methods and Summary

On March 11th the ACE Crew began the work week by meeting Mike Ezell to become oriented and learn the history of Lake Guntersville State Park. The crew acquired the materials neces-sary to complete the work and delivered them to the work site in preparation for the following work day. The condition of the Waterfall Trail was assessed and the crew implemented a variety of erosion mitigation techniques to improve the trail. The crew dug drainages and regraded tread using shovels, pulaskis, mcleods and other hand tools. Using retired campsite marker posts, and precut rebar, the crew successfully secure check steps by hammering rebar flush against the posts stacked 3 high and then backfilling the check steps with crush and dirt. Once the supply of retired campsite marker posts ran out, the crew used four-by-fours for the remaining check steps. With the completion of the Waterfall Trail, the crew moved on to remove damaged foot planks from a bridge on the Cutchenmine Trail using hand tools. The crew finished the week by brushing a future connector trail from the Cutchenmine trailhead with a chainsaw

Conclusion and Acknowledgements

ACE would like to thank each member of the Alabama State Parks that made this project possible. Thank you to Mike Ezell, we appreciate your knowledge and support, it’s been a pleasure to work with you. We are grateful to have had this opportunity to collaborate with Guntersville State Park. All of us at ACE would be honored to continue this important relationship with Alabama State Parks. Thank you again!!!
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Crew Members:

Hunter McCann
Sierra Hall
Michael Alvernaz
Aaron Rackemann
Mary Cortese
Dominic Vincent
Thomas Beilsmith

Crew Supervisor:

Nicole MacNamee

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