Home Sweet Winter Home

It doesn't take much exploration to realize Alabama is rich in natural resources. The diversity of both plant and animal species is incredible, and can be experienced year round from the northernmost places in Alabama to the Gulf Coast. Did you know there are 420 bird species on the

Alabama Ornithological Society (AOS) State List?  As we move into late fall, most of the neotropical migrants (e.g. Cerulean Warbler, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Indigo Bunting, etc.) have already departed or passed through Alabama on their journey south. Neotropical migrants are birds that breed in North America and spend their winter in Central or South America or the Caribbean. While we won't be seeing these birds anymore this year, 

there will certainly be plenty of birds to enjoy watching through the winter. Over 40 percent of the 420 bird species in Alabama are known to spend their winter here! That makes winter the perfect time for both the novice and experienced birder to pull out the binoculars and enjoy looking for the nearly 175 species of winter birds. Alabama State Parks provide nearly 

endless opportunities for birding and all the parks are proud to be part of the Alabama Birding Trails. Many of the parks are featured in the article, "Bird-watching Hot Spots in Alabama." 

As you make plans to explore the parks this winter, consider visiting Lake Guntersville State Park to see wintering waterfowl and enjoy an Eagle Awareness Weekend. Cheaha State Park is sure to please with its stunning views and opportunities to see birds in the most southern parts of their range. In the Wiregrass region, you can visit Lakepoint State Park and double-up on birding opportunity because Eufaula National Wildlife Refuge neighbors the park and provides fantastic opportunities to enjoy shorebirds, waterfowl, and sparrows. Learn more about each of these stops along the Alabama Birding Trails by checking out their links below:

Cheaha State Park-Alabama Birding Trails
Eufaula National Wildlife Refuge-Alabama Birding Trails
Lakepoint State Park-Alabama Birding TrailsLake Guntersville State Park-Alabama Birding Trails





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Thursday, November 12, 2015
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