These Capital Improvement Projects were made possible by the Alabama Legislature restoring funds to the State Park Budget.  This webpage is intended to keep the public informed on what we are doing with these funds and what facilities will temporarily be closed during construction.

2019 Capital Improvements Project

2018 Capital Improvement Projects/Process Stage 

2017 Capital Improvement Projects/Process Stage 

The following are either pending or on our wish list: look for updates!!!

· Update Linens and Mattress Sets

· Transient Dock Repairs

· HVAC Systems (Chalets)

· Banquet Supplies

· Replace Pool Furniture

· Dock Boards

· Window Shades

· Concrete Repairs

· Cabinet Repairs

· Chalet Flooring

· Picnic Table Restoration

· Carpet Installation in Cabins

· Cabin Drapes

· Refrigerators, Microwaves, and Ranges

· TVs Cabins and Chalets

· Boat House Repairs

· Campsite Upgrades

· Pool Sand Filter

· RTP Grant


Lake Guntersville State Park’s New Hot Water Boilers-COMPLETED

New Boilers were installed early this spring replacing existing boilers which were leaking, corroded, and un-repairable.  This project took place in March of this year.  The job took approximately 2 week from start to finish with no loss of revenue to the Park.

These boilers furnish the hotel, restaurant and laundry facility with adequate water to perform daily functions. The funds were provided by capital improvement funds.

Picture of new boilers

Sealed Buff-Side Conference Room Window and Doors.   COMPLETED
A new type of water resident caulk was used to seal all buff side conference room windows and doors from leakage due to intense rain and wind. This was performed in house with the use of staff maintenance.

Water softener system for main lodge.  COMPLETED
A water softener was added to the water system for the main Lodge at the time of installing the new Boilers. This should help to extend the life of these Boilers.

New Tile Placed at Terrace Entrances and New Door Sweeps – COMPLETED
Replacement of damaged wood flooring by Tile and New Door sweeps to prevent water insurgent into Lobby areas. This was accomplished by Bid Funds for capital improvement and the help of local flooring company.

New Heating and Cooling Units on (3) of our 20 mountain top chalets 401, 402, & 403 - COMPLETED

Units were replaced with gas packs. Gas packs installed provides more efficiency in prices and heating capabilities. Also, these new units are environmental friendly; providing cleaner air.

Old Unit

New Unit


New Roofs on (3) of our 20 mountain top Chalets 401,402, & 403-Pre-Construction - COMPLETED

We will be putting a new roof on three of our Chalets, we have contracted “Continental Roofing” to do this project. They will remove and replace the Standing Seam Metal Roof, check decking, replace damaged decking, install felt as needed, pipe flanges, vents and install new Standing Seam Metal Roofing, closing off three chimney stacks. Continental Roofing will clean up & remove debris, magnetize yard for nails, clean gutters, seal around all vents, pipes and flashing, nails only.  This project should take approximately 3-5 working days to complete this job.

Old Roof

New Roof


Siding Replacement on (3) Chalets 401,402 & 403-Pre-Construction - COMPLETED

New Hardie Board Siding will be placed on the same (3) Chalets that are also getting a facelift. Robert Wesley Westmoreland Constructions will install hardie board siding after tearing off old shake siding, replace with new material on all (3) Chalets, includes paint and caulking. The exact time has not been determined at this time.

Old Siding

New Siding


Lake Guntersville State Park Renovating 15 B-Wing Rooms - COMPLETED
15 Rooms on our B-Wing will be repainted with a “Knock down Paint”. Rooms have furniture removed and walls will be stripped of vinyl coating to be replaced with a paint solution that will inhibit mold and allergens. New carpet will be installed where needed. The exact time has not been determined.

Wall Paper wall in B-wing before

B-wing wall after



Upgrade to HVAC system with modern thermostats: IN PROGRESS;
A complete over haul of the HVAC system by the Comfort Group to adding new modern Thermostats where needed. This will improve the control of heat and A/C for the guest.

Picture of Thermostat:


Store Front System on (3) Chalets 401, 402, & 403- Pre-Construction - IN PROGRESS

Boaz Glass Company has been contracted to demo existing store front windows & install break metal facings on exterior case work.  They will replace existing store front glass and doors.  The exact time of this project is not determined at this time.

Pictures of existing Glass Front Windows


Lake Guntersville State Park Pet Friendly Hotel Rooms-Completed
Chalets-Pre-Construction IN PROGRESS

We currently have available 2 Cabins, 3 Chalets and 2 Hotel rooms designated for our 4 legged family members. Our Chalets will be undergoing improvements to the flooring, so that all will be completely tile.



Replacing hot tub area with splash pad - ACQUIRING BIDS FOR CONTRACT
Our Hot Tub area has been non-repairable  for a lengthy period and was no-repairable at this time. We are exploring the idea of a Splash Pad that would entertain the entire family around the pool area. We are accepting Bids on this project now.

Present Picture of area:

Lake Guntersville State Park- Future Plans

A few other plans in the wind for Lake Guntersville are:

  • Adding or updating our hiking trails
  • Roping off the front of the conference center along the bluff
  • Updating all televisions in the guests rooms
  • Going with 3 sheet ensemble in our motel rooms
  • Getting rid of bulky comforters
  • Building a new activity center in the campground to name a few.