Chewacla State Park - Hiking Discoveries



Sweet Shrub Trail – The Sweet Shrub Trail follows Moore's Mill Creek upstream. Water fowl such as Great Blue Herons and Kingfishers can be seen forging and hunting in the shallow waters. The trail begins at the Lower Pavilion, makes a loop and returns to the Lower Pavilion. Some interpretation is provided along this easily hiked stretch of trail.

Boy Scout Trail – The Boy Scout Trail begins on the west side of the CCC era arched stone bridge and runs into the Sweet Shrub Trail. Notice the fine craftsmanship of CCC era stone features. This short, but interesting trail is easy hiking.  Wade in the crystal clear waters and walk the sandy beach alongside Moore's Mill Creek, or stop and relax on one of the benches provided.

Troop 30 Boy Scout Trail – The Troup 30 Boy Scout Trail begins on the north side of the stone bridge on Murphy Drive. This trail follows Moore’s Mill Creek to the boundary of the park. Hikers may follow the trail to the park boundary or cross the creek on one of the rock dams and follow the trail back to Murphy Drive. This trail requires more hiking than the Boy Scout or Sweet Shrub Trails, but it is one of the most pleasant trails in the park. Native Rhododendron and Mountain Laurel are found in abundance along this stretch of Moore's Mill Creek. Hike this trail in the spring to catch the beautiful blooms at their peak.


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Eagle Scout Trail – The Eagle Scout Trail branches off from the Troup 30 Boy Scout Trail on the east side of Chewacla Lake and terminates on the logging road across from the Walnut Shelter. The trail is also accessible from the parking lot located between the creek and Walnut Shelters. This trail is wide and easy to follow.

Deer Rub Trail – The Deer Rub Trail begins at the Upper Pavilion as you hike down to Chewacla Falls and follows Chewacla Creek to the logging road across from the Walnut Shelter. Another point of entry to the Deer Rub Trail begins on the east side of the overlook and joins the Deer Rub Trail at Chewacla Creek. Points of interest include the magnificent gneiss boulders that litter the landscape. Some of which have been dated at billions of years old. This trail involves some steep terrain. Boots are recommended but not required.

Mountain Laurel Trail – The Mountain Laurel Trail begins at the Upper Pavilion area, goes down to Chewacla Falls and then follows Chewacla Lake and Moore's Mill Creek upstream. The trail has several connecting trails that lead back to the Upper Pavilion area.