Please note the following files may require special software to open, and are intended for advanced trail users who are interested in utilizing GPS units and mapping programs to enhance their trail experience. Files will automatically begin downloading when clicked.


Park Google Earth File Size GPS Exchange File Size Text File Size Updated
Buck's Pocket State Park File BucksPocketSPTrails.kmz 4 KB Binary Data BucksPocketSPTrails.gpx 74 KB Plain text icon BucksPocketSPTrails.txt 18 KB 6/11/16
Cathedral Caverns State Park File CathedralCavernsSPTrails.kmz 5 KB Binary Data CathedralCavernsSPTrails.gpx 117 KB Plain text icon CathedralCavernsSPTrails.txt 28 KB 6/11/16
Cheaha State Park File CheahaSPTrails.kmz 24 KB Binary Data CheahaSPTrails.gpx 773 KB Plain text icon CheahaSPTrails.txt 190 KB 6/24/16
Chewacla State Park File ChewaclaSPTrails.kmz 58 KB Binary Data ChewaclaSPTrails.gpx 1.9 MB Plain text icon ChewaclaSPTrails.txt 473 KB 6/23/16
DeSoto State Park File DeSotoSPTrails.kmz 31 KB Binary Data DeSotoSPTrails.gpx 1.1 MB Plain text icon DeSotoSPTrails.txt 267 KB 6/23/16
Frank Jackson State Park File FrankJacksonSPTrails.kmz 5 KB Binary Data FrankJacksonSPTrails.gpx 111 KB Plain text icon FrankJacksonSPTrails.txt 27 KB 6/24/16
Gulf State Park File GulfSPTrails.kmz 32 KB Binary Data GulfSPTrails.gpx 984 KB Plain text icon GulfSPTrails.txt 249 KB 6/11/16
Joe Wheeler State Park File JoeWheelerSPTrails.kmz 5 KB Binary Data JoeWheelerSPTrails.gpx 123 KB Plain text icon JoeWheelerSPTrails.txt 30 KB 6/24/16
Lake Guntersville State Park File GuntersvilleSPTrails.kmz 52 KB Binary Data GuntersvilleSPTrails.gpx 1.6 MB Plain text icon GuntersvilleSPTrails.txt 395 KB 6/24/16
Lake Lurleen State Park File LakeLurleenSPTrails.kmz 11 KB Binary Data LakeLurleenSPTrails.gpx 342 KB Plain text icon LakeLurleenSPTrails.txt 83 KB 6/11/16
Meaher State Park File MeaherSPTrails.kmz 2 KB Binary Data MeaherSPTrails.gpx 15 KB Plain text icon MeaherSPTrails.txt 4 KB 6/11/16
Monte Sano State Park File MonteSanoSPTrails.kmz 95 KB Binary Data MonteSanoSPTrails.gpx 4 MB Plain text icon MonteSanoSPTrails.txt 766 KB 6/23/16
Oak Mountain State Park File OakMtnSPTrails.kmz 1.1 MB Plain text icon OakMtnSPTrails.txt 1.1 MB 6/23/16
Rickwood Caverns File RickwoodCavernsSPTrails.kmz 7 KB Binary Data RickwoodCavernsSPTrails.gpx 178 KB Plain text icon RickwoodCavernsSPTrails.txt 43 KB 6/11/16
Wind Creek State Park File WindCreekSPTrails.kmz 83 KB Binary Data WindCreekSPTrails.gpx 3 MB Plain text icon WindCreekSPTrails.txt 745 KB 6/24/16