Editor's note: This post is part of the Eighth Day Escape adventure series and contest by Parks Explorer. Throughout 2016, Parks Explorer shared trip ideas, staff stories, activity suggestions, and much more from each Alabama State Park. These monthly posts were personal accounts of traveling Park Naturalist Emily Vanderford, where she detailed her park adventures and experiences in the unique natural areas across the state. While reading about park adventures is not nearly as meaningful as experiencing them first-hand, Parks Explorer wants you to know just how many opportunities there are for you to enjoy Alabama the beautiful.

The Eighth Day Escape Contest began January 8, 2016 and concluded January 8, 2017. Monthly winners were randomly selected each month and the grand prize winner was drawn January 8, 2017. Be sure to enjoy the monthly adventures: JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMay (Part I),May (Part II)JuneJulyAugust (Part I)August (Part II)SeptemberOctoberNovember (Part I)November (Part II), December


JANUARY WINNER (entries received 1/8 - 2/7): Cathy Struntz
FEBRUARY WINNER (entries received 2/8 - 3/7): Chelsea Gathers
MARCH WINNER (entries received 3/8 - 4/7): Cathy Goss
APRIL WINNER (entries received 4/8 - 5/7): Lamar Johnson
MAY WINNER (entries received 5/8 - 6/7): Malia Ragan
JUNE WINNER (entries received 6/8 - 7/7): no valid entries 
JULY WINNER (entries received 7/8 - 8/7): Nikki Nelson
AUGUST WINNER (entries received 8/8 - 9/7): no valid entries
SEPTEMBER WINNER (entries received 9/8 - 10/7): Sandra Lyons
OCTOBER WINNER (entries received 10/8 - 11/7): Terry Zimmerman
NOVEMBER WINNER (entries received 11/8 - 12/7): no valid entries
DECEMBER WINNER (entries received 12/8/16 - 1/7/17): no valid entries

GRAND PRIZE WINNER (all entries received 1/8/16 - 1/7/17): Barbara Lucas

Sunday, January 8, 2017