Gulf State Park  Activities Schedule

List of activity ideas to do while you are staying in the park in addition to our weekly activity schedule 

All activities are free to guests staying in the park and a $2 charge per vehicle to enter the campground for non-guests unless otherwise indicated.

Saturday 4/21

10:00 AM – Snake Encounters: Visit the Nature Center to learn all about our native snakes. Learn how to identify the local venomous species and why these creatures are an important part of our environment. Bring a camera and get your picture with a beautiful snake.

2:00 PM - Video: Secret Life of Birds: Follow host and wildlife expert Iolo Williams as he explores the behavior of birds.  Meet at the GSP Education Building for this program.

Sunday 4/22

The Nature Center is Closed on Sundays.

10:00AM - Camper Devotion:  Meet in the Ed. Bldg. (non-denominational & casual)

Monday 4/23

10:00AM – Carnivorous Plants of Gulf State Park - Come to the Ed. Bldg. to learn about unique carnivorous plants that have adapted to their environment by eating insects. Our guide will show examples of these plants and you will learn how they survive in bogs and marshes.

2:00PM – Guided Nature Walk: Bog Habitats in Gulf State Park: Meet our Park Naturalist at the Orange Beach Sportsplex Trail Head to enjoy a walk through our marsh land and bogs. You will discover some amazing things about the plants and animals that survive in this unusual environment.

Tuesday 4/24

10:00AM - Bats - The King of Caves: Bats are one of the most economically important non-domesticated animals in North America. Meet at the Ed. Bldg. for this presentation about bats. 

2:00 PM - Guided Pier Walk: Meet at the Gulf State Park Fishing Pier concession stand and our Guide will point out some amazing facts about the pier as well as wild life in the water and around the pier.

Wednesday 4/25

10:00AM - Radical Raptors - The Barred Owl- Come to the Nature Center to meet Sherlock the Barred Owl and learn why she is a RADICAL RAPTOR!!!

11:00 AM — Eco Art: Join us in the Pavilion at the Camp Store to participate in an art or craft project. 

2:00PM - Guided Kayaking Tour: Join us at Lake Shelby for a one hour guided kayaking tour to explore the basics of kayaking and enjoy a short trip around the Lake Shelby. The $20 fee includes single kayak and lifejacket. Limited spaces available so please call for reservation. 251-948-7275 dial 9 then ext. 2114.

Thursday 4/26

2:00PM – SHARK!! – Come to the Education Building to learn about the amazing sharks that inhabit the Gulf of Mexico.

Friday 4/27

10:00 AM – Alligator Adventures: Come see our baby alligators and learn some interesting facts about this pre-historic creature that can be found in GSP! Meet at the Education Building for this presentation about American Alligators. 

2:00 PM – Guided Nature Walk on Eagle Loop Trail:  Meet our park guide at Eagle Loop (near the Golf Course) to catch a glimpse Bald Eagle’s nest.  Bring binoculars if you have them. We have a few to share.

Saturday 4/28

10:00 AM – Frogs and Toads: Do you know the difference between frogs and toads? Hop on over to the Ed. Bldg. to learn about the native frogs and toads in Gulf State Park.

2:00 PM - Video: The Beauty of Ugly: In the animal world, as in our own, looks aren’t everything. In fact, some of the most aesthetically challenged creatures - from warthogs and proboscis monkeys to bull elephant seals - are also the most fascinating. A stunning variety of these ghastly yet glorious forms are explored in this video.  Meet at the GSP Ed. Bldg. for this program.










































Please Recycle: There are Recycling Bins available for plastic, paper and aluminum available in the Campground Parking Lot near the Tennis Courts. 

Please DO NOT put plastic grocery bags in recycle