Please Don’t Feed the Deer

Deer are a natural and abundant species in many Alabama State Parks.  Wildlife viewing is one of the most popular recreation opportunities available to park visitors, and we would like to ensure the enjoyment of this activity for generations to come.  


The Alabama State Parks Division is monitoring herd health throughout our parks to ensure there is enough quality habitat for the number of individuals. Please help us maintain healthy populations by not feeding the wildlife.

Why is feeding deer a problem? 

  1. Feeding deer causes them to eat in concentrated areas, which can spread disease.
  2. Deer associate people with food, and spend more time near park roadways.  This creates more vehicle/deer collisions injuring both deer and people.
  3. Young deer do not learn natural foraging behaviors, and over generations they can become dependent on humans for their survival.  Sometimes human assistance is not enough in these cases and the animal will die.
  4. Wildlife have natural instincts that tell them what foods to eat at different times of year to get the nutrients they need.  We have an ample food supply for deer, and anything you feed them subtracts from what they really need.  While it is, of course, worse to feed deer candy and marshmallows, no feeding is good.  Please do not feed them vegetables, bread, crackers, or even leaves and berries.

Please help keep our deer herds healthy for future generations by enjoying wildlife from a distance and not feeding them.


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