Gulf State Park

Weekly Activities


Saturday 10/12

10:00 AM — Video: An Original Duckumentary: (60 min) Ducks are true originals. They waddle, glide, dive, and dabble. Their feathers shimmer with dazzling hues. In this Nature video, you will learn about some of the most spectacular species of ducks. Meet at the GSP Education Building for this program.


2:00 PM — Talk About Turtles!  Come to the Education Building to learn some of the interesting things about the turtles that you can find around Gulf State Park including the protected Gopher Tortoise.


Sunday 10/13

10:00 AM — Camper Devotion:  Meet at the pavilion beside the Camp Store (non-denominational & casual). For a more comfortable seat, bring a camp chair.


The Nature Center is Closed on Sundays

Monday 10/14

10:00 AM— Radical Raptors - The Barred Owl- Come to the Nature Center to meet Sherlock the Barred Owl and learn why she is a RADICAL RAPTOR!!!


2:00 PM — Discovering Sea Turtles:  Discover the amazing Sea Turtles found in the Gulf of Mexico and nest on the beaches in Alabama. Learn about the exciting work done by the volunteers of “Share the Beach” as they search for nests along the Alabama Gulf coast and monitor the hatching of sea turtle nests. Come to the Education Building for this program.

Tuesday 10/15

9:00 AM Guided Beach Walk at the Pavilion: Meet our Park guide at the Gulf State Park Beach Pavilion near the fireplace and learn all about coastal ecosystem.  Then, meander along the shore with our guide looking for shells and learn about some of the local sea life. 


1:00 PM — Navigating by the Stars: The Sextant and High Noon: Learn why “High Noon” (the Meridian Passage) was important to early sailors and how they used a Sextant to determine their true location. Meet at the Ed. Bldg. for this program.


8:30 PM — Stargazing at the Pier: Meet at the foot of the Pier near the bronze turtle for a guided exploration of the sky, stars, planets and constellations. Weather dependent. 

Wednesday 10/16

9:00 AM — Guided Pier Walk: Meet at the Gulf State Park Fishing Pier concession stand for a free guided tour along the pier. Our Naturalist will talk about some amazing facts about the pier as well as point out various wildlife in the water and around the pier.


2:00 PM — Alligator Adventures: Come see our baby alligators and learn some interesting facts about this pre-historic creature that can be found in Gulf State Park! Meet at the Education Building for this presentation about American Alligators. 

 Thursday 10/17

1:00 PM — Pirates of Perdido Bay: Come to the Education Building to hear exciting tales of the local pirates who traversed the Gulf of Mexico in search of treasure!


2:30 PM Prescribed Burns: One tool that foresters use to maintain healthy habitats is controlled burning of overgrown areas. As one of the most important natural agents of change, fire plays a vital role in maintaining certain ecosystems. Meet our Naturalist in the Education Building to learn the details of why and how prescribed burning is utilized in Gulf State Park.

Friday 10/18

9:00 AM — Guided Nature Walk at the Nature Center:  Meet our park guide at the Nature Center to take a walk in the Park looking at the flora and fauna.  Bring binoculars if you have them. We have some to share. 


2:00 PM — Snake Encounters: Visit the Nature Center to learn all about our native snakes. You will learn how to identify the local venomous species and why these creatures are an important part of our environment. Bring a camera and get your picture touching a beautiful snake.