Desoto State Park

Fall Color

DeSoto State Park Original Entrance to the Park- Fall Color
DeSoto State Park DeSoto Falls Dam, Fall Color- Red, Yellow, Orange
DeSoto State Park Fall Color, Red and Orange
DeSoto State Park Boardwalk Trail in the Fall
DeSoto State Park Lookout Mountain Parkway Fall Color 2018

Fall Color Update (11/2/2023) BMH Past Peak Brightness and depth of color have begun to fade, though there is still a good amount of bright color. Leaf drop will begin soon and will accelerate from this point. Few trees have yet to reach peak, but are showing very bright, well-developed colors. Late-changing trees will remain into November.

DSP Oct 26
DSP Oct 19 23 fall color
DSP Fall Color oct 11th
dsp fall color oct 6

Fall Color over the years

Fall Color Peak

In the DeSoto State Park area, a hint of color usually begins to appear in late September or early October and lasts well into November. Historically peak Fall color has been between the second part of October into the first part of November.

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Fall Blooms & Berries

Leaves are not the only color to be seen during the Fall! Fall is a wonderful time to find an amazing array of wildflowers. Most people associate fall with the arrival of vibrant foliage; spectacular reds, oranges, and yellows; But often-overlooked are the wildflower blooms and berries that can be found of particular interest.


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