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Since the opening of the first state parks in Alabama, trails have been a fundamental part of the park system’s mission to provide and maintain outdoor recreational opportunities. Recent years have shown an uptick in trail usage, with more than 100 million Americans participating, and Alabama State Parks is celebrating this continual growth with our Dirt Pass Trail Crew Program! 

For an annual donation of $35, you are identified as a Dirt Pass Parks Trail Crew member and supporter of the Alabama State Parks trails program. This program unites the statewide efforts of user-group clubs and volunteers and our very own Alabama State Parks Trails Crew to create a best-in-class experience across Alabama. Make your Dirt Pass Trail Crew donation online today!



Alabama State Parks is equipping trail enthusiasts not just to use the trails but to be a vital part of keeping them going with just a few clicks! Dirt Pass Trail Crew membership donations are made online, and a package including the official Dirt Pass wristband, trail gift, and t-shirt is mailed to contributors immediately.

Join the Dirt Pass Trail Crew today!

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Your donation goes directly to the maintenance, enhancement, and planning of the Alabama State Parks trails system. This includes:

  • Organizing trail workdays for community involvement
  • Supporting a full-time trail crew.
  • Providing professional support to existing volunteer groups.
  • Surveying the needs of the trail users.
  • Purchasing new trail-building equipment to ensure efficiency.
  • Providing overall improvement to your favorite trails.






For more information on the Dirt Pass Trail Crew please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.  


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