SPSOA Deer Management Hunts

Alabama State Parks SPSOA

What is a State Park Special Opportunity Area?

State Park Special Opportunity Areas (SPSOAs) are properties where the Alabama State Parks is offering a new public hunting format, a limited quota (random draw permit, archery only). The SPSOA hunts are a management tool used to reduce the deer population within the park boundaries. The reduction of the deer herd is important in maintaining balanced and healthy natural communities for all flora and fauna. This new SPSOA public hunting opportunity has been created as a partnership between the Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries and the Alabama State Parks divisions of the ADCNR.

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What is an Urban Deer Management Program?

Hundreds of cities across the United States are faced with expanding deer populations. Because there can be a lack of natural elements to keep the populations balanced, herds can become unhealthy and also create safety concerns for commuting citizens. Local communities sometimes develop Urban Deer Management Programs as alternative ways to manage their deer populations.


When will registration open and what is the process? 

For the 2022-2023 hunting season registration:

  • For the Oak Mountain State Park and Frank Jackson State Park SOA deer hunts online registration will begin September 1st at 8:00 am and closes September 12th at 1:00 pm.

  • The computer automated drawing will take place on September 12th at 2:00 pm and the results will be sent via email shortly thereafter.

  • Persons chosen as a hunter or an alternate will have until September 15th at 3:00 pm to accept their hunt status through the "My Hunts" registration page. If a hunter does not accept their hunter status then they will be auto declined by the computer system and an alternate will be promoted to fill that position. 

  • Directions to pay the SPSOA hunt fees will be emailed to the hunters after the hunt status is accepted. (On Sept. 15th)

  • The directions to pay email will go out on September 15th at 4 pm. Payment will be accepted September 16th and September 19th thru 22nd.  

  • Directions to the hunt locations will be emailed to the hunters after the hunt status is accepted.

  • Drawn hunters will be allowed to bring one(1) guest to participate in the hunt. The guest must also pay the SPSOA fee and all other applicable licenses. 


Tools to help you with the registration

Oak Mountain State Park SOA hunt dates, guidelines and rules


Oak Mountain State Park hunting zones map


Frank Jackson State Park SOA hunt dates, guidelines and rules


Frank Jackson State Park hunting zones map  



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How Do I Apply for an SPSOA Hunt?

Limited quota permits to hunt the SPSOAs are obtained through an online registration and selection process. Applicants apply online (above) for a preferred SPSOA property hunt date. 


What is the Cost to Hunt an SPSOA?

All hunters will receive further payment instructions once selected. The cost to hunt an SPSOA is the purchase of a state hunting license, a WMA license and a SPSOA fee of $40.00 per hunter all paid in advance after selection. You will also need a Conservation ID Number, which is free. 


Purchase licenses and Conservation ID here


*The SPSOA fee will be paid separately after the drawing and the hunt is accepted.   


If you have additional questions regarding the SOA program, see the SOA Frequently Asked Questions. If you still need information, please send an email. 


2022-2023 Oak Mountain State Park SOA Hunt Season

Monday - Thursday (Starting November 7th)

2022-2023 Frank Jackson State Park SOA Hunt Season

Thursday - Sunday (Starting November 4th)


Harvest Rules

These SPSOA hunts are designed as an urban deer management program. The objective of this program is for deer management in the park.


Hunters will be allowed to take up to 3 deer for the 4 day hunt period. Statewide harvest rules apply.      

All harvest information must be recorded and reported via Gamecheck. Hunters are required to submit both observation and harvest reports.