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Alabama's State Parks Need You!

While park staff performs many of the daily tasks and duties it takes to operate, volunteers are vital to Alabama’s state parks. The Volunteer In Parks (VIP) program was created to allow individuals or groups to make a difference at their favorite park. VIP participants make a positive impact year-round in each of the state’s 22 parks.

The beauty of Alabama and the diversity of its cultural and natural resources has attracted millions of visitors to Alabama’s State Parks. People come to relax, explore, and appreciate a little corner of the world specifically made for them. Through this volunteer program, we expect to be able to extend these benefits to many more guests and to enrich their visit with better services and facilities.  The primary purpose of the program is to provide knowledgeable, responsible, and available volunteers to assist in visitor services and interpretive education; and also to enhance the recreational experience of others by maintaining or improving the grounds and facilities that they use.

Volunteering is an experience that you will remember for years to come; for by enriching the lives of others, you enrich your own.   

DeSoto State Park invites you to become an Alabama State Park VIP (Volunteers in Parks)

VIP Brochure (PDF)


There are four ways you can show your support for DeSoto State Park:

  1. Become a part-time volunteer in one of our facilities such as the Lodge, Country Store, Civilian Conservation Corps Museum or Nature Center.
  2. Serve as a Camp Host in the Improved Campground.
  3. Serve as a Work Camper in the park.
  4. Work on a special project.


1. PART-TIME VOLUNTEERS (Scheduled around your time)


Part-time volunteers work in one of our facilities assisting our staff. Tasks may include: providing information and directions, taking campground & lodging reservations, answering the phone, helping with events, programs & hikes, trail maintenance, landscaping duties, or light housekeeping.


2. CAMP HOSTS (One Month at a time) *When an Opening is Available


Volunteer Camp Hosts act as our campground ambassadors. Camp Hosts receive a full hookup campsite in exchange for volunteer service each week(per volunteer).

Some duties may include: campground occupancy checks, light maintenance & cleaning, making copies, helping with events & programs, providing information & directions and assisting park staff in the Lodge, Country Store, Nature Center, or CCC Museum. Duties can vary.


 3. WORK CAMPERS (1 to 3 months at a time) *When an Opening is Available

Volunteer Work Campers receive a full hookup campsite in exchange for volunteer service each week. A position will typically range from 1 to 3 months at a time.

Some duties may include:  maintenance & cleaning, painting, mowing, weed-eating, landscaping, monitoring trails, picking up trash, pressure washing, etc. Duties can vary.


4. SPECIAL PROJECTS (Scheduled Around Your Time)


DeSoto State Park has over 35 miles of trails. Year-round maintenance is necessary to keep the trails in good condition.  Some projects may include:  keeping trails marked & legible, clearing new trails, repairing footbridges, erosion control, or brush trimming. Other projects could involve carpentry and other special skills to help make DeSoto State Park the best it can be.


Special Discounts Available to VIP Participants

To request a volunteer handbook or more information: please email

VIP Application (PDF doc)

To mail application, address to:

7104 DeSoto Parkway NE-Fort Payne, AL. 35967 Attention to: Karley Craft-Assistant Park Superintendent 

 At Alabama State Parks, we work as a team. Our goal is to provide our guest with the best in accommodations and facilities. Adding to that, our staff is made up of folks who are friendly and know a lot about our park. We feel we have a combination that will ensure each of our visitors a comfortable and pleasant experience.