Car and Boat Tag Registration

You now have an option of purchasing an Alabama State Parks car tag online or in person - and it's easy to do! 

Online renewals are point-click-easy at MyDMV (

In person renewals simply require a visit to your local DMV office. 

Whichever path you choose, simply request an Alabama State Parks car tag during the renewal process. It's just that easy! 

80% of your money will go directly to help fund the work of Alabama State Parks.

Your Alabama State Park Car Tag purchases provide revenue that we use to improve guest experiences in various ways. From trail equipment purchases to habitat restoration, education programs, and much more, this support makes a difference that will be seen for generations to come. 

Travel to our 21 Alabama State Parks with mission in mind as your vehicle or boat reflects the incredible vision of Alabama State Parks. We appreciate your support! 


All vehicle and boat owners have the option of purchasing an Alabama State Parks automobile or boat registration. 

The last name of the owner determines the renewal month. The schedule is as follows:

 ∙ A & D: renew in January
 ∙ B: renew in February
 ∙ C & E: renew in March
 ∙ F, G, & N: renew in April
 ∙ H & O: renew in May
 ∙ M & I: renew in June
 ∙ P & L: renew in July
 ∙ J, K, & R: renew in August
 ∙ Q, S, and T: renew in September
 ∙ U through Z: renew in October
 ∙ All commercial, fleet and leased vehicles: renew in November