Joe Wheeler State Park Reservations

Joe Wheeler State Park remains committed to providing each and every guest with a safe and enjoyable stay. This commitment comes with additional time spent preparing for your arrival. Although we always strive to guarantee our lodge rooms are available for check-in at 4:00pm, please be patient with us if your room takes extra time causing a delay in your check-in time.

Thank you to our employees for your dedication to our guests, and thank you to our guests for choosing to visit us at Joe Wheeler State Park.


Our park remains open, but certain facilities are closed in the interest of public safety. Please note that a facility closure does not mean a visitor cannot enter the park. It simply means that one's experience at the park may be different than normal. We provide this information to prepare you for your visit. 


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JWSP Campground remains closed. We ask that you please do not enter this area at this time.