Support the State Parks Amendment

Thank You -
"So grateful to see Alabama voters’ appreciation for their parks, and approval of the Parks Amendment on May 24th! Now we go back to work to make Alabama’s State Parks a first class experience for every visitor.”

Chris Blankenship, Commissioner, ADCNR
Greg Lein, Director, Alabama State Parks

Whether it was camping, hiking or biking at an Alabama State Park, a shared connection to the landscape has kept Alabamians resilient over the past few years. Approval of the State Parks Amendment during the primary election on May 24th will make possible continued renovations and improvements at Alabama’s State Parks. This new bond measure addresses necessary park renovations that are prioritized to best serve the needs of park guests, including new services and amenities that modernize Alabama’s State Parks while preserving their historic charm. Investing in Alabama’s outdoor recreation infrastructure has the potential to make the state a premier tourism destination. The State Parks Amendment will help build a better future for Alabama State Parks and all Alabamians.


Read this FAQ sheet for more information on the State Parks Amendment, how the ballot language reads, where the money comes from and how the money will be spent.