Donate to the Alabama State Parks

We appreciate all of the volunteers that spend their time working in the park. Their effort and passion help us accomplish things that we could not do on our own. While some individuals and groups bring special skills and resources to projects others don't have the time or the availability to sacrifice.


For those that choose to donate monetarily we invite them to learn more about the Alabama State Parks Foundation.


This organization allows donors to donate to a specific park, specific projects and in memorial of special people in their life. Estates can even be donated to the Foundation with specific instructions. The donation methods are endless and provides the Alabama State Parks with an easier path to benefit the donor. 


Our park supporters and partners that cannot devote time to work on these projects can also contribute to their favorite State Park directly. This works better if a specific project is developed so that a goal and dollar amount can be achieved. Above photo - Dog park donation by the Mike Bosarge Family made possible through donations directly to Cheaha State Park.


Occasionally park supporters such as Boy and Girl Scouts develop park projects for their advancement. These projects can be donated to specifically or can be made as a general donation for any volunteer undertaking. Keep this in mind the next time you want to contribute to a worthy cause.


Thanks for your support. 


Other forms of donating can be made through the following programs:

Car and Boat Tag Registration

Dirt Pass Trail Crew Program

Parks for Patriots Veterans Fund