Donate at the Alabama State Parks

We appreciate all of the volunteers that spend their time working in the park. Their effort and passion help us accomplish things that we could not do on our own. While some individuals and groups bring special skills and resources to a project like the Japanese gardens renovation at Monte Sano State Park, projects led by youth organizations don’t have those same resources. Those circumstances, coupled with our loss of maintenance funds over the last five years limit the options and resources available to support these types of projects.


Our park supporters and partners that cannot devote time to work on these projects can contribute to their favorite State Park directly by donating to the Volunteer Fund. Money can be designated for specific efforts at the park – such as for the young man planning to build 30 animal-proof garbage receptacles for Joe Wheeler State Park as his Eagle Scout project – or can be made as a general donation for any volunteer undertaking. Keep this in mind the next time you want to contribute to a worthy cause. Thanks for your support.