Hiking and Biking Trails

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The hiking trails in Lake Guntersville State Park traverse moderate to difficult terrain and cover over 36 miles of park property. They are multi-use trails, serving as hiking, biking and horse trails. The trails are varied with some following alongside the banks of the Tennessee River, others leading to seasonal waterfalls and wildflowers, and some peaking your interest just by their name alone such as the Old Still Path and the Moonshine Trail.

Spiderwort and Mountain Laurel are among many species of plants to bloom in Spring and Summer in Lake Guntersville State Park.

The trails differ in length from .5 miles to 3.5 miles yet connect with one another to form a loop of trails that add up to 36 miles. Enjoy a short 30 minute hike, guided Saturday morning interpretive hikes, or pack a picnic lunch and head out for a day exploring the ridges, waterfalls and river in beautiful Lake Guntersville State Park.

Where mentioned, the "park road" is the loop of roads located off Highway 227 at the entrance to the park that leads to the cottages, campground, chalets, golf course and Lodge.

Take a hike in Lake Guntersville State Park  Follow 31 miles of trails in Lake Guntersville State Park

Enjoy many miles of hiking and biking trails at Lake Guntersville State Park.


Tom Bevill Trail -  Elevation: 715 ft Tom Bevill Trail is a loop that runs a little over 3 miles around Ellenburg Mountain. There are some challenging climbs, switchbacks, and great views. This is a moderate trail for hikers and bikers. You will encounter quite a few roots and technical areas, but has a great downhill on the back side of the mountain descending to the intersection with Cave Trail!

Cutchenmine Trail -  Elevation: 728 ft. Cutchenmine Trail is approximately 2.25 miles in and out, for about 4.5 miles total distance. It is primarily double track, with a solid base and moderate terrain. There are several climbs, but the effort is worth it! Enjoy the beautiful rocky creek at the back of this trail.

Old Still Path - .5 miles. This short trail, connects the Waterfall Trail with the Cascade Trail. It passes a well preserved old Whiskey still that was on the land before becoming a Sate Parkl. Notice the revenuers ax marks in the remains. This path is Easy 

Moonshine Trail - Elevation: 865 ft. at top of trail Moonshine Trail is a 0.7 mile moderate trail stretching from one end of Butler’s Pass to the gravel parking lot at the intersection of Waterfall/King’s Chapel/Terrell Connector. It is a moderate trail with a technical section or two, but all in all a fast, easy trial.

Lickskillet Trail - 2.5 miles. This trail connects the campground to Town Creek and follows an old Indian path dating back to the early 1800's when Cherokee Indians inhabited the region. The trail comes out on Highway 227 just before the Town Creek Bridge, crossing the main park road and a service road. Large beech trees, spring wildflowers, and beautiful fall foliage make this trail a treat year-round. Add mileage to this trail by taking a loop from the campground to the Meredith Trail to the Seale Trail and winding back up in the campground, for a total of 4 miles. This path is Moderate.

Old Lickskillet Trail - 1 mile. This trail may be entered at the Seale Trail in the campground, on the park road above the campground, and on the park road at the top of the hill.It follows a rugged pioneer road with a foundation of an old log cabin visible directly above the campground. This path is Moderate to Difficult.

Cave Trail - Elevation: 625 ft at the bottom; 715 ft at the top Cave Trail up the mountain to the Tom Bevill trail starts across the paved park road from the cave itself. It is a 1 mile ascent with an elevation gain of approximately 100 feet. Some short sections have a max grade of greater than 20%. This trail ends into the Tom Bevill Trail. It is an easy hike, and moderate bike.

Cave Alternative: Elevation: 865 ft at top of trail; 625 ft at bottom Cave Alternate Trail is a 0.6 mile rocky trail with a 225 foot change in elevation. Some sections have a max grade drop of 20% or greater. If starting from the top, at the intersection with Moonshine, you can descend down the mountain, visit the small cave and cross the main park road to take Cave Trail leading up Ellenburg Mountain to the Tom Bevill Trail.

Nature Trail - .5 miles. This trail is located on the mountain directly across from the Lodge. It has access to the Cascade and Waterfalls Trails near the back of this trail, this is a good path for guests of the park to take a leisurely walk after a delightful meal in the Lodge. This path is Easy.

Meredith Trail - 2 miles. Extending from the Cascade Trail to the Town Creek Bridge and intersecting with the Lickskillet Trail. This path crosses a rocky stream and skirts the outer regions of the golf course. This path is Moderate.

King's Chapel Trail - .8 miles, one way. This intriguing trail leads to an old cemetery now located inside the boundaries of Guntersville State Park. Turn onto the park road from Highway 227 and follow the signs towards the Lakeside Cottages. The gated entrance to this trail is on the left before reaching the cottages. After a peaceful rest and viewing the inscriptions on the grave markers, return to the road by way of the King's Chapel Trail or follow the Terrell Trail towards the campground for a lengthier hike. (Notice Terrell as one of the family names on tombstones in the cemetery.) This path is Moderate to Difficult.

Horse Trail - 16 miles round-trip. This trail is located near our Town Creek Campground and offers 16 miles of moderate to rugged terrain. Primitive camping is permitted near the trail head and at Town Creek.

Daniel's Trail - .5 miles. This trail connects the Loop Trail and the Lickskillet Trail. Feel enveloped by nature with the large trees, boulders, and occasional glimpses of deer. This path is Easy.

Other (Loop Trails) - White paint marks along various trails blaze a loop that joins one trail to another.

Spring Trail - .25 miles. This path connects two legs of the Tom Bevill Trail and passes by an old spring that was once a vital water source for Cherokee Indians. The spring flows year round, even in dry weather. This path is Easy to Moderate.

Cascade Trail - 1 mile. Access to this trail is gained just inside the park's entrance at the 35 mph sign as well as on the back side of the Nature Trail across from the Lodge. This path follows a natural watershed with large boulders, pools of water, cliffs, and wild azaleas, and offers marvelous views from the trails edge. The trail links up with the Waterfall Trail, Old Still Path, Meredith Trail, and Terrell Trail. This path is Moderate.

Lodge Trail - 1 mile. This trail begins at the Lodge's playground and descends to the campground. It runs into the Lickskillet Trail directly above the campground. Deer are often seen along this trail. This path is Moderate.

Seale's Trail - 2 miles. This trail follows Town Creek from the bridge at Highway 227 to the campground. It offers gorgeous fall color with a vast array of maple, hickory, and beech trees. This trail is named for Rex and Ruth Seale, a couple who have worked hard hours building our extensive trail system and who have continued to mark and maintain trails through the years. They were awarded a Certificate of Merit from Alabama's Governor in 1990. This path is Easy.

Terrell Trail - Elevation at bottom is 677 ft and at the top, 790 ft. Terrell Trail is 1.1 miles long with an elevation change of approximately 115 feet. Some sections boast a max trail grade of 20% or greater. Terrell Trail ends at Graveyard Hill, home of the King’s Chapel Cemetery. There you will find the intersection of Terrell, King’s Chapel, Tom Bevill Connector and the Graveyard Fire Road.

Terrel Connector Trial: Elevation 685 ft. at trailhead Terrell Connector Trail leads to a T where you can take Terrell Trail to the left, leading to the King’s Chapel Cemetery where you can pick up King’s Chapel Trail or cross the closed road to Tom Bevill. Taking a right at the T leads you to another T where you can go right to start up Taylor Mountain Trail, or a left which leads to the intersection of Moonshine, King’s Chapel and Waterfall trails. It is approximately 0.5 miles with several wooden bridges to cross along the way. There is very little change in elevation on this trail and has no loose rocks.

Taylor Mountain Trail: Elevation at bottom is 705 ft and the tip 1,020. Taylor Mountain is a 1.2 mile long trail with an elevation change of approcimately 300 ft. Some sections have a max trail grad of 15% or greater. Taylor Mountain Trail is joined by Terrell Connector Trail at the bottom, and th Golf Course Trail at the top. There are some loos rocks and technical areas on this trail. 

Waterfall Trail -  Elevation at top 1,050 ft. and at bottom 700 ft. Waterfall end points are at the gravel parking lot where it intersects with Terrell Connector Trail, the bottom of Moonshine Trail, and the bottom of King’s Chapel Trail on one end, and at the Lodge on the other end. This trail is steep and/or rocky in many sections and is a challenge to ride up for most and fast and fun coming down (although technical in some areas). It is the shortest route up/down the mountain.

Golf Course Loop - Elevation at Golf Course parking lot trailhead is approximately 1,100 ft. Golf Course Trail is a 3.9 mile loop including a short section (approximately .25 miles) on the main park road in between the lodge and the golf course parking lot. This trail provides a creek crossing and some of the best views of our beautiful Lake Guntersville! This trail is almost entirely double track width with a fun flowing terrain. It is newly constructed by IMBA with more work scheduled in the near future!

Butler's Pass: Elevation at top 1,050 and at bottom Butler’s Pass is a 1.3 mile rocky trail that traverses the mountain with end points at the top end being the intersection of Waterfall/Golf Course/Gateway and on the bottom end, Moonshine, King’s Chapel and Terrell Connector. Butler’s Pass has some rocky sections, but overall is moderate and also has some fast, fun sections! There is a beautiful scenic overlook too!