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The Monte Sano Lodge offers a serene mountain setting that is ideal for a variety of meetings and gatherings including weddings and family reunions and also is an excellent location for business meetings. This superb facility has state of the art meeting rooms that will make any business meeting or social function a success.

Monte Sano Event Lodge is beautifully furnished and contains a large meeting room, small meeting room, break room, lobby or pre-function area, restrooms and a terrace with a bluff view.

For Rental information call 256-534-3757 or email Ms. April Patten, Event Lodge Coordinator, at

The Monte Sano Lodge was designed to match the style of the historic Civilian Conservation Corp structures around the park, but it is filled with modern amenities suitable for weddings, reunions, business meetings, banquet dinners, and other party gatherings.  Lodge rental can be customized for a variety of gathering sizes from small group meetings in the Dogwood Room to large events utilizing the entire lodge.  On Saturdays and Sundays we do require groups rent the entire lodge for the full day (10am-10pm).  Discounted rates are available Monday through Friday and rentals start in 4 hour increments. Please contact the park office to get a quote for your next event and to check availability.


Room Descriptions

Fearn Hall is the entry hall to the Lodge, and it can be utilized as a dance floor, a lobby area, or a reception hall.  This room is available for use in conjunction with rental of either Dogwood or Oak.

Dogwood Room is great for luncheons, meetings, or as additional space for a large event.  In conjunction with a large event this room can be utilized as a children’s play room, bride’s room, or lounge area.  This room is the smallest and lowest cost rental option.  Use of Fearn Hall and the prep kitchen is included in rental cost.

Oak Hall is the main event space at the Lodge, and it is ideal for banquet dinners, wedding receptions, and large conference groups.  This room is also equipped with two large hearths to warm your Christmas party, fall celebration, or spring wedding.  Use of Fearn Hall, Viduta Room, and the catering kitchen is included in rental cost.

Viduta Room is primarily used for food service due to its proximity to the catering kitchen.  This small room is perfect for buffet setup or as a prep area for plated dinner service.


Provided Furniture Breakdown

  • 7- 8 foot oblong tables
  • 16- 6 foot oblong tables
  • 24- 60 inch round tables
  • 4- 48 inch round tables
  • 230 chairs for inside use

Measurements By Individual Rooms

  • Fearn Hall (45’x30’)
  • Oak Hall (30’x60’)
  • Dogwood Room (22’x42’)
  • Viduta Room (22’x26’)