Monte Sano State Park


Large Pav Front - MSSP
Large Pavilion Interior
Large Pavilion Concession Area
Picnic Area Playground 1
Small Pavilion
Small Pavilion Interior
YACC Pavilion
YACC Pavilion Interior

Large Pavilion

  • $190 rental fee - includes entrance fees to park for guests
  • Located in the picnic area near the parking lot
  • Max Capacity 65 people
  • Water & Electricity
  • Two stone fireplaces
  • Concession Area (open upon renters request)
  • Adjacent to Playground Area
  • Adjoining Restrooms
  • Ideal for family reunions, company picnic, and birthday parties.

Small Pavilion

  • $113 rental fee- includes entrance fees to park for guests
  • Located in the back of the picnic area at the overlook
  • Max Capacity 30 people
  • Scenic Overlook Views
  • Access to playground and hiking trails
  • Restrooms located at Large Pavilion
  • No electricity at facility, water spigot is available
  • Ideal for small events such as a birthday party or wedding/baby shower.

YACC Pavilion

  • Built By The Young Adult Conservation Corps in 1982
  • $163 rental fee- includes entrance fees to park for guests
  • Max Capacity 90 people
  • Located across the street from the park office and campground store
  • Restrooms located across the street at campground store
  • Centrally located to cabins, campground, overlook, and hiking/biking trails
  • Fire Pit and Grill included
  • Firewood is available for purchase at campground store for $7.50



  • Payment is required to secure reservation.
  • Payment can be taken over the phone.
  • A date can be moved if it rains.
  • If date is moved, it has to be done within a month time frame.
  • A refund will be given up to a month before date of reservation. 


Reservations - 256-534-3757