Rickwood Caverns State Park

Cave Weddings

Laser Lights in Cave
Wedding Gem Mine
Color Bulbs in Cave
Diamond Room

Weddings in the Cave 

If you are looking for a unique wedding venue, why not get married 175 feet underground?  The cave stays a constant 62 degrees year round.  With two options for cave rooms you can choose the perfect location to suit your needs.  You can bring color led bulbs, music, or even laser projection lights to enhance and customize your wedding experience.


Cave Wedding Rates

$566.00- Cave Wedding and use of Large Pavilion for Reception 


Call the park office for more details at (205) 647-9692

Bridal Room

Cave Wedding History at Rickwood Caverns 

The first underground wedding in Alabama was inside this cave on July 12th, 1958.  Extra lighting was added and the event was televised.  After that this area of the cave was appropriately named the Bridal Room.  The couple stood beneath the formation shown above and recited their vows.