Construction Manual Forms

Owner Architect/Engineer Documents


ASPD Form 1-A - Agreement Between Owner and Architect/Engineer

ASPD Form 1-B - Standard Articles of the Agreement Between Owner and Architect/Engineer 

ASPD Form 1-D - Amendment to the Agreement Between Owner and Architect/Engineer 

ASPD Form 1-E - Sample Table of Authorized Projects Under the Agreement  

ASPD Form 4-A - Transmittal of Plans and/or Specifications


Construction Administration Documents


ASPD Form 2-A - Construction Contract

ASPD Form 2-B - General Conditions of the Contract

ASPD Form 2-C - Performance Bond

ASPD Form 2-D - Payment Bond

ASPD Form 2-F - Contract Change Order

ASPD Form 2-G - Change Order Justification

ASPD Form 5-A - Advertisement to Bid

ASPD Form 5-B - Invitation to Bid

ASPD Form 5-C - Instructions to Bidders

ASPD Form 5-E - Proposal Form

ASPD Form 5-F - Bid Bond

ASPD Form 5-G - Contractor's State of Responsibility

ASPD Form 5-H - Accounting of Sales Tax

ASPD Form 5-J - Certified Tabulation of Bids

ASPD Form 6-C - Statement of Field Observations

ASPD Form 6-D - Application and Certificate of Payment

ASPD Form 6-E - Schedule of Values *

ASPD Form 6-F - Inventory of Stored Materials *

ASPD Form 6-H - Sample Progress Schedule & Report *  

ASPD Form 6-K - Certification of Substantial Completion *

ASPD Form 6-L - General Contractor's Roofing Guarantee *

ASPD Form 6-N - General Contractor's Affidavit of Payment of Debts and Claims *

ASPD Form 6-P - Contractor's Affidavit of Release of Liens *

ASPD Form 6-Q - Consent of Surety to Final Payment *


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