Cathedral Caverns State Park

Backcountry Camping

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Cathedral Caverns State Park’s Backcountry Campsites offer a one of a kind camping experience for those that prefer a camping site with a more rustic view of nature.

To reach both sites you must carry in your supplies over a distance of approximately 3/4 mile.

Overnight backpackers can camp at a designated backcountry campsite. 
Also you can contact by email 

Backcountry sites are large, and can accommodate even large groups such as boy and girl scout troops.
Reservations can be made online, by phone or in person; otherwise, backcountry sites are registered on a first come/first serve basis. For phone reservations call 256-888-0230.

All backpackers must register and pay backpacking fees at least one hour before sunset. No one will be allowed to register or start on the trail system any later. Sunset times change with the seasons, so plan your arrival accordingly.
Vehicles must be parked at designated trailheads or parking areas with a vehicle pass displayed in the windshield.
Please make sure all doors are locked before leaving vehicle. Valuables left in vehicles should be placed out of sight. Cathedral Caverns State Park is not responsible for stolen or damaged property.

Checkout:  2:00 p.m.  (Notify park staff upon safe exit.)
All minors must be accompanied by a legal adult.

It is recommended that all drinking water be packed, and carry out all cans, bottles, aluminum foil, or other trash. THE BURNING OR BURYING OF TRASH IS PROHIBITED.


You are responsible and liable for your campfire. Do not leave fire unattended and completely extinguish campfire before leaving campsite.
Only dead and down wood may be gathered for firewood.
Thoroughly extinguish campfires, leaving no smoke or embers before leaving backcountry sites.
Backpacking type stoves are recommended for cooking.
Pets are allowed under the Alabama State Park Regulations Pets and Animals (220-5-.05)