Meaher State Park


Meaher State Park Pier Over Mobile Bay

The park has a 300-foot pier with a 200-foot "T" for your fishing pleasure. Access to the pier is included in the park admission fee.  An Alabama freshwater fishing license is required and most common freshwater fish are abundant in the area.


Purchase a fishing license online


There is a boat ramp at the east end of the park that leads you out to Blakeley River The ramp is accessible from 7 a.m. until sundown. Contact the park for access after park hours.


The Mobile-Tensaw Delta consists of approximately 20,323 acres of water. It is formed by the confluence of the Alabama and Tombigbee Rivers. The Mobile-Tensaw Delta is a complex network of tidally influenced rivers, creeks, bays, lakes, wetlands, and bayous. Since the Mobile-Tensaw Delta empties into Mobile Bay, it is a productive estuary with numerous species of fresh and saltwater fish.


The Mobile-Tensaw, William Bill Holland and Upper Delta Wildlife Management Areas offer hunting and wildlife viewing opportunities for those utilizing the Delta. Anglers enjoy the Delta, because of the good fishing, and the natural beauty of the marsh, cypress and tupelo gum forests.


As an Alabama resident, if you are under 16 and over 64 you do not need to purchase a fishing license. You do however need to have you driver's license and/or proof of residency.

If you are a non-resident and you are 16 and up, you will need to purchase a non-resident AL freshwater fishing license to fish from our shores. This can be purchased per info below...


  • Annual
    • All States, except Louisiana and Mississippi - $53.30
    • Louisiana - $62.20
    • Mississippi - $64.29
  • 7-Day Trip
    • All States, except Florida & Georgia - $29.95
    • Florida - $32.20
    • Georgia - $33.20
  • Freshwater Fishing Family 3-day trip
    • All States, except Florida & Georgia - $29.95
    • Florida - $32.20
    • Georgia - $33.20