Chewacla State Park

Picnic Pavilions

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Pavilion Areas

Chewacla has three open air covered pavilions available for birthday parties, family reunions, or office functions. Each of the three pavilions have something unique to offer. Guests must still pay an entrance fee when renting a pavilion. There are two ways of paying the rental fees. The first is for everyone to pay for themselves as they enter. The second is for the staff at the front office to keep a strict count of the attendees to your event, and then you pay for everyone's entrance fee at the end of the day.

Upper Pavilion


The Upper Pavilion Area has a large field area right beside it that is spacious enough for a bouncy house or a pickup game of soccer. The pavilion itself offers six picnic tables and two charcoal grills. It is also the only pavilion that has electricity. It has the largest parking area, and is the closest to the waterfall area.

Lower Pavilion


The Lower Pavilion Area is the most secluded of the three pavilions. It is on Moore's Mill Creek close to the playground. It has four picnic tables and one charcoal grill, and a wood-burning fireplace that will keep the chill off of those autumn days.

Beach Pavilion

The Beach Pavilion Area is on a 26-acre lake. The veranda on the back side of the pavilion offers a view of the swimming area and has four picnic tables.


General Picnic Areas

The park also has many single picnic tables with charcoal grills for use by guests. These tables are scattered throughout the park and offer various views.