Joe Wheeler State Park

Convention Facilities

Joe Wheele State Park Lodge

4403 McLean Drive

Rogersville, Alabama 35652



Are you looking for a relaxing setting to hold a convention?  Our convention facilities will meet your needs.

  • The Cedar Room:  Seats up to 30 for a banquet and 35-40 with chairs.
  • The Willow Room:  Seats 50-60 people for a banquet and up to 100 with chairs only.
  • The Cypress Room:  Seats up to 150 for a banquet and 200 with chairs only.
  • The River Room offers a view of the lake along with a huge stone fireplace. Capacity is 150 for a reception, 100 for classroom style and 100-125 for a wedding.  Can also be used in conjunction with the patio.
  • The Convention Center:  The Willow Room and the Cedar Room combined with the Cypress Room makes the Convention Center.  The Convention Center holds up to 300 people for a reception or banquet, 200 classroom setting, and 500 theater seating.

    Download this Business Meetings Brochure to help you with the planning process.

Prices vary.  For more information and pricing please contact Felicia Turner at 256-247-5461 or via email: