Bucks Pocket State Park

Scenic Overlook

Bucks Pocket State Park Scenic Overlook
Bucks Pocket State Park Dekalb Leadership Group
Bucks Pocket State Park Overlook Dedication

The stunning view from a 1,000-foot scenic overlook is one of the many treasures that keep visitors coming back! Jim Lynn Overlook offers canyon-rim views of the state park below.

A picnic area surrounds the overlook parking lot. A paved road leads to the overlook, and it is short walk to the view.

Jim Lynn Overlook -Point Rock Boardwalk Renovations

Leadership DeKalb County's 2016-2017 class made the rebuilding of the boardwalk a priority for their community service project. This group of volunteers, with the help of a dedicated state park employee Corey Dobson, worked for several months on the project. The class volunteers tore out the old wood, rebuilt the walkways, hand rails and replaced with new wood. Then they stained all of the new wood. The community helps donate the supplies, and Geraldine Hardware, LLC donated the lumber for the overlook renovations. A dedication and celebration of the new, improved Jim Lynn Overlook boardwalk was held on July 29, 2017.

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Bucks Pocket State Park