Lake Lurleen State Park

Alabama Football Camping

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Prices are $42.00/night plus taxes with a two night minimum, total for the weekend is $100.34, if you have any questions please call the park office at 205-339-1558


Request to continue the following special requirements for home game reservations:

  1. Two night minimum (Friday and Saturday nights)
  2. No refunds and non-transferable
  3. First come first serve on site choice with the exception that Park Manager reserve the right to assign, if needed, to accommodate all reservations. This is needed due to the fact that all sites are different lengths and will not accommodate every camper.


Request to add the following special requirements for home game reservations:

  1. Reservations can be made on A-Day game weekends for registered campers only.
  2. To add a discounted weekly rate of $95.00+tax for the weeks of non-home games. These sites are not occupied during the non- game weeks, and this will encourage most to stay on site until the next game. This request is in high demand from the campers themselves, it will not only bring Lake Lurleen more revenue, but it will also make it easier on the staff, and for our guest.