Oak Mountain State Park

Enchanted Fairy House Garden

Enchanted Fairy House Garden


Located at the Oak Mountain Interpretive Center! 

Every moment is a magical teaching moment! Fairies are great conservationists, and we would love for you to come build your very own fairy house! Watch out for "fairy spies" (animals and bugs) that may visit your fairy house as you build. 



Approved "Building" Materials:

- Bring your own Fresh Flowers

- Bring your own Dried flowers

- Pine cones of assorted sizes and shapes that have fallen

- Lichens and lichen covered sticks that are on the ground

- Sticks of assorted sizes and shapes

- Tree bark that has fallen

- Acorns/Acorn caps

- Natural Clay

- Small stones

- Sea Shells

- Moss (either harvested off private property or purchased)

- Any other littles natural item you find that you would like to include in your Fairy House!!

**Please no glitter or plastic- fairies are allergic to these things (and a sneeze can crumple fairy wings)!**